ROSELAND - The northern New Jersey honor student reunited with her parents after suing them for support after she moved out of their home.

Attorney Angelo Sarno, who represents Rachel Canning's parents, issued a statement today saying the 18-year-old's return is not contingent on any financial or other considerations.

Sarno says the teen moved back to her parents' house Tuesday night.  Canning, who is a senior at Morris Catholic High School, left her parents' home in October to live with a family friend. 

Rachel Canning claimed that Sean and Elizabeth Canning verbally and psychologically abused her, but they said Rachel had privileges taken away for disobeying rules.

"There's a long road ahead," Sarno says. "This is not something that's going to happen overnight…The healing needs to begin." 

Pyschologitst Rosalind Dorlen says many parents worry if a similar circumstance could happen to them, and insists the case never should have happened. "What we hope for is that families will resolve conflict so families won't have to resort to this extreme," she says. "Courts are not the way families will resolve family disputes."

A judge last week denied the teen's request for child support and to have her parents pay her high school tuition. The judge had scheduled an April court date to consider the overarching question of whether the Cannings are obligated to financially support their adult daughter.

Today, Rachel Canning dropped her complaint against her parents, according to Sarno.

Rachel Canning's attorney filed a court motion claiming she was pressured into dropping her case and asked that a court guardian be appointed. A judge denied that request.