ROCHELLE PARK - Eighteen dogs at a kill shelter in Alabama were scheduled to be put down. All of the dogs were placed in a gas chamber, but one of those dogs, a beagle mix named Daniel, survived the ordeal.

The beagle, who came out of the gas chamber with his tail wagging, is now recovering in the care of a New Jersey no-kill shelter called Eleventh Hour Rescue. Linda Schiller is the founder and president of the shelter, and says Daniel's story is one in a million.

Daniel was flown from Alabama to New Jersey by a group called Pilots and Paws, an organization of pilots that donates its time, planes and fuel to transport animals from kill to no-kill shelters.

Eleventh Hour Rescue hopes that Daniel's story will help put an end to the practice of using gas in animal euthanasia, which is already banned in New Jersey. Daniel meanwhile is being fostered until he is ready for adoption.

To monitor Daniel's progress and learn about other animals up for adoption at Eleventh Hour Rescue, visit 11th Hour Pet Rescue