NEWARK - The northbound Pulaski Skyway will shut down for two years on Saturday, causing potential problems for drivers headed through Hudson County, but towns in other counties will also likely feel the effects.

Traffic on roads in and out of the Ironbound in Newark can be busy any day, but that's before the Pulaski shuts down. Residents don't know what to expect, so there is a lot of concern among business owners, residents and commuters.

There is at least one ramp onto the northbound Skyway in the Ironbound in an industrial area, but when it shuts this weekend, drivers will be looking for other ways to get where they need to go. That could take them back into the business district.

"It's going to be a big problem for me," says Abul Siddiqui, who works at the Mini Mart. "I'll change my route. It'll take longer."

Marcia Almeida lives in Newark and has what's normally a pretty quick commute to South Kearny. She says she'll leave 90 minutes earlier to get to work and is optimistic. "We'll have to wait and see and hope for the best," she says.

The DOT has been promoting the alternate routes for when the Pulaski shuts down.