JERSEY CITY - Heavy traffic due to the partial shutdown of the Pulaski Skyway has been a hassle not just for drivers but also for businesses on one of Jersey City's busiest streets. 

Communipaw Avenue can be slow on a good traffic day, but now it has to be an alternate route into downtown Jersey City, which has made it even worse.

Pharmacist Remon Endrawes says it's taking him longer to get to work at his Communipaw Avenue store since the Pulaski was partially closed.

"I got a complaint only once from one of my customers," he says. "They needed their medication first thing in the morning and I was like 20 minutes late."

The Jersey City-bound lanes of the Pulaski were closed for redecking a week and a half ago. It's expected to be a two-year project. 

The extra traffic is an extra hassle for a number of businesses, including Communipaw Liquors. "Even though we have a parking lot," says employee Biren Patel, "the people don't want to come because at 3:30, 4 o'clock the traffic is too bad this way."

The new opposite side of the street parking rules on Communipaw Avenue during rush hour are making it harder for customers to park, according to Tommy Aciz, of Bob's Auto Glass. 

The city is enforcing the parking rules, but is also doing what it can to speed up traffic through the area. An officer was stationed at every major intersection along Communipaw Avenue Wednesday's morning and during the afternoon rush.