JERSEY CITY - It is less than a week before the start of a two-year closure of the Pulaski Skyway that is expected to cause a traffic nightmare for commuters who depend on the route.

But some businesses believe the closure is a blessing, as traffic is routed to other roads.

Thousands will be forced to travel Truck Route 1 and 9, right past a bagel shop, a pizza place and a liquor store.

Business owners hope the new traffic patterns will mean an increase of customers at the small shopping center.

Augustine Perez, of Venice Pizza, hopes some will decide to sit out the traffic with a slice. "It's going to get better, because there's going to be a lot of traffic," he says.

Carol Valleau's Jersey City bookshop isn't even close to the Skyway. She expects plenty of people to make their way through her neighborhood, trying to avoid traffic on the main roads, and hopefully discover her shop along the way.

Other businesses are concerned that the extra traffic could actually drive regular customers away.