NEWARK - Black Lives Matter activists took to the streets of Newark for a third day Saturday to rally in the wake of several shootings around the country involving police.

The partipants staked out a position by one of the busiest areas of the Brick City, Newark Penn Station.

At one point the crowd surged to more than 200 people who moved through the city to various locations, calling for unity, justice and a greater understanding of the issues. Traffic was at times disrupted and re-routed, and intersections were blocked, including at Broad and Market.

Participants expressed dismay at the recent fatal shootings of black men at the hands of police, and also at the Dallas attack that left five officers dead.

The demonstrators say they feel that laws, training, accountability and attitudes must change to protect minority communities. They also disagreed that identifying with Black Lives Matter means they are anti-police.

"It's all about love at the end of the day... People have the misconception that if you're pro-one thing, you're anti-something else. That's absolutely false," one demonstrator said.

Police kept a close eye on the demonstration, and while many attendees expressed displeasure with police, their interactions on Saturday remained peaceful and non-confrontational.