EATONTOWN - Eatontown wants to put restrictions on "human signs," calling them unsightly and dangerous.

"Human signs" are people hired by companies to stand out along the highway carrying signs to advertise sales and promote their business, and Eatontown officials want to limit their use.

"On the weekends particularly, we have an influx of people holding signs along roadways," says Borough Administrator George Jackson.

Jackson says a proposed ordinance in Eatontown would keep these "human signs" off state highways. If approved, people carrying signs would only be allowed on the property of their own business. Permits costing $100 would also be required for each advertised event.

"They're going on the sides of roadways, where they're distracting drivers. "Often the people holding the sign are blocking sidewalks," says Jackson.

The proposed ordinance would also limit lawn signs posted by businesses and residents to their own properties, with time limits for the signs and fees.

Borough officials also say too many signs lining the highways makes the community look cluttered and unattractive.

The proposed ordinance will have its first reading at the next borough council meeting on Oct. 14th.