TRENTON - Two New Jersey lawmakers are looking to expand the state's law against talking and text messaging while driving to include drivers who are temporarily stopped in traffic jams, at red lights or stop signs.

State Senators Richard Codey and Nicholas Scutari introduced S3057 into the state Legislature last week. The proposal would make it illegal to talk or text while the vehicle is not in motion.

Codey says he thinks the proposal would not only reduce the numer of distracted drivers, but also help the state qualify for Federal Grant money.

When asked about the proposal, one resident said, "I wonder when they are going to propose removing radios and navigation from cars. Oh and maybe take away my morning cup of coffee that I have when driving, all because they can be 'distractions'."

Another resident said she hopes the legislation goes through because she is tired of being stuck behind people that are not paying attention to the road.

The proposal would also require drivers to answer questions about distracted driving on the state driver's license examination.