MIDDLETOWN - A plan by utility company Jersey Central Power and Light to build a 10-mile-long, 230,000-volt power line though Monmouth County is being met with some opposition.

JCP&L held an informational meeting in Middletown Wednesday to answer questions that residents who will live near the powerline may have.

The Monmouth County Reliability Project calls for the construction of a power line along 10 miles of New Jersey Transit railroad tracks from Red Bank to Aberdeen. The line is expected to bring additional power sources to more than 200,000 county residents.

“This line provides redundancy, to bring another source in, to pick customers up and also helps to improve the liability in the area,” says JCP&L spokesman Ron Marano.

However, some residents say they are uneasy with the power lines being so close to their properties.

“The jury is still out on [electromagnetic fields.] From all the research we’ve read from the World Health Organization…it’s unclear the impact it can have,” says Middletown resident Judy Musa.

"I think our best hope is they reroute this and put them underground,” says resident Patrick O’Hagan. “There’s no reason they just can't put them underground."

A similar planned power line was blocked 20 years ago by residents.

JCP&L officials say that a formal public hearing on the power line is scheduled for the near future.