JERSEY SHORE - A group from Connecticut is hoping to use advanced technology to help saves lives at the Jersey Shore.

“Project Ryptide” uses drones to deliver life preservers to swimmers in distress before lifeguards rush out to help them.

“The drone could be out over the water, 500 yards in 15 or 20 seconds,” says Bill Prieda, who heads the project. “Whereas that actually would take a swimmer a couple of minutes to swim.”

The group thinks the drones would be practically useful in the event of a riptide. Riptides are a major concern at the shore and claim many lives. The group has fielded inquiries from all over the world about the technology.

“Part of the goal of our project is to show that drones can do something other than just take pictures,” says Prieda, “Our application definitely puts a different spin and a very positive spin on what they're able to do.”

The group has created a Kickstarter campaign to hopefully raise enough money to get the project off the ground.