UNION CITY - - The New Jersey Attorney General's Office is stepping up its criminal investigation into a former Union City police chief in the wake of last summer's "Kane In Your Corner" investigation.The Board of Education paid former Union City Police Chief Charles Everett $60 per hour to watch an athletic field while off-duty, but News 12 cameras caught him showing up late, leaving early and even exercising at the police gym while on the clock.Sources say the New Jersey attorney general recently reached out to five officers about Everett's alleged behavior, and the criminal investigation could cost him a lot more than he made from the Board of Education.Everett, who resigned following the "Kane In Your Corner" investigation, is due more than $300,000 for unused sick and vacation time, but that payout is on hold. Officials say the city won't pay him that money if he's convicted of a crime.There is no time frame yet for the investigation.Union City police chief still eligible for large pensionUnion City police chief resigns following KIYC investigationKIYC: AG's office to probe Union City PD chiefKane In Your Corner: Union City investigation