PRINCETON - Princeton University officials are investigating reports of disturbing emails sent to students and faculty over the weekend.

School newspaper The Daily Princetonian says the emails were traced back to a group called "White GeNOcide Project.” The emails, which had the subject line “Vote against ‘NO CHILD LEFT WHITE’- Vote Trump!” according to the paper, apparently contained racist rhetoric and said diversity is “white genocide.”

The message also accused Princeton faculty and staff of being guilty of not being pro-white. The messages were sent from a server off campus, according to the paper.

Princeton University officials released a statement Monday that said, “We will not allow these hateful actions to undermine our commitment to creating an inclusive and harassment-free community on campus."

Princeton alumni tell News 12 New Jersey that they were surprised by the content of the emails.

“It’s blatantly deplorable and it's shameful honestly,” says Princeton graduate Jessie Orourkesuchoff.

“There’s a couple of centuries of institutionalized racism that Princeton has to try really hard to work against,” says Mathura Umachandra.

Similar messages were reportedly sent to other universities across the country.