A 3-year-old preschooler from Neptune was left alone after he was dropped off on a corner by his school bus Monday, and his parents want to know why.

Dion Burton was traumatized, his parents say, after he was left crying on the corner. An older woman, Teresa Wyche, brought him to his door, where his father was at home.

Andrea Burton, the boy's mother, admits a scheduling mix-up created the confusion, but they are upset that the district's bus stop protocol was not followed. She says under that policy, he should have been brought back to the school.

"Anything could have happened to my son, and I just can't get that thought out of my brain," Burton says.

Burton says she's been told that the bus aide has been fired, and that the bus driver is being questioned about the incident. She says the bus company intends to implement a new checklist for bus drivers and aides to ensure this doesn't happen to another child.

News 12 New Jersey reached out to the school, the transportation department and the bus company for comment, but has yet to hear back.