CAMDEN - President Barack Obama came to Camden Monday to discuss how police are working to build trust with the community and to promote his "Promise Zone" program. 

The president met with law enforcement and the city's residents to hear how the Camden County Police Department works to form relationships with the community it serves.

Camden was recently one of eight places designated a "Promise Zone," which could open doors to get extra federal grants. Camden will get a liaison to help line up money. However, it does not come with any automatic federal funding.

While in Camden, President Obama also announced a ban on the federal government providing military-style equipment to local police departments. 

He said the gear can give the public the feeling that law enforcement is like "an occupying force." The president said such an image can "alienate and intimidate" people and send the wrong message to the community the police is trying to protect.

On his way to Camden, the president also stopped in Philadelphia to thank rescue workers for the way they handled the Amtrak Train 188 tragedy.

The Associated Press Wire Services contributed to this report.