NEWARK - An 8-month-old girl seems to be doing well after a pre-school teacher at the Tucker School Center Preschool found a mouse in her mouth. Alanah Barba's mother, Brittany Barber, says she still can't believe it actually happened. "She could have swallowed it and God forbid, she could have died," Barber says. Barber says she was volunteering in a classroom at the pre-school when she was told to come immediately to the office. "One of the teachers told me she was under the table and she thought she had a toy and was playing with it, and she looked at it again and saw the tail hanging out," says Barber.

"No one even wanted to give me the incident report," said Alanah's aunt, Nadyyah Miller. "I had to call the police department in order to get the incident report because they wanted to wait for the director, but I feel like they were trying to cover it up."

The school's acting director, Kiburi Tucker, says exterminators have been at the day care and as recently as two weeks ago were spraying the outside of the building. Because of the children, chemicals aren't used inside and glue traps are used instead.

The acting director says the center has never had any issues with mice. Tucker says, "We immediately reached out to the family. This was an isolated incident and we will do everything in our power to make sure it doesn't happen again."

The Tucker Center says it will be working with the city's health department and exterminators to solve the problem.