EDISON - The harsh New Jersey winter this year means costs to maintain the state's roadways are skyrocketing, and that includes reimbursing drivers for damage to cars that have fallen victim to potholes.

Potholes have opened up across the state after weeks of fluctuating temperatures and constant plowing.

Richard Seidman, of Hoboken, says damage to his tires will cost him $400. He says he's not alone. "I realized right away my tire blew out. Pulled over and four cars in front of me doing same exact thing," he says. "I'd love to see if the state could do something for me. "

Drivers with cars damaged on state roads are eligible to file a pothole damage claim with the Department of Treasury.  Applicants have 90 days after the accident to ask for reimbursement. 

Repair estimates or receipts and copies of police reports or photos of the damage may be required. Drivers must also include insurance information and the location of the accident.

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"Times are tough and money is money, and if i can get something back from state, I'm going to do it," Seidman says.

To get a claim form, drivers have to call the Treasury Department to have the form emailed to them.

Counties and towns have different policies for pothole damage on their roads.

The Treasury Department received 508 claims for reimbursement in 2012. The department received more than 1,400 in 2011, New Jersey’s last really bad winter. A spokeperson couldn't say how many of those claims were paid out, but he says all are investigated.