EDISON - Door-to-door mail delivery could be a thing of the past if some House Republicans get their way.

The move is a part of a proposal to overhaul the Postal Service. Under the plan, residents would pick up their mail from "cluster boxes" located in their neighborhood. Most apartment complexes and new developments already adopt this form of mail delivery.

The Postal Service has been struggling with budget challenges, losing $16 billion last year.

The agency spends $30 billion a year delivering mail door-to-door. Ending that practice would reportedly save the postal service about $4.5 billion a year.

Mail is currently delivered to the doors of 35 million homes and businesses, at a cost of around $350 a year in labor and transportation, according to the Postal Service.

Opponents argue that the plan would be a disadvantage to the disabled and elderly, and may even discourage people from sending mail through the post office.

The Postal Service has also considered closing thousands of branches and cutting Saturday delivery in order to cut costs.