LONG BEACH ISLAND - Some Long Beach Island residents say a tornado formed during Tuesday afternoon's severe weather.

A video clip given exclusively to News 12 New Jersey shows what looks to be a tornado forming over the bay at Brant Beach, before moving onto land. 

The heavy winds blew out the front windows of Island Surf and Sail. Scattered debris included patio furniture, a surf board, a small boat and even a Jet Ski dock. 

Resident Jack Buskko recorded the video. He says he was hoping to get some video of lightning over the bay when the tornado formed.

"The clouds were moving really fast," says Bushko. "All of a sudden it appeared right in front of me."

Severe weather struck many other parts of Southern New Jersey. Residents reported many downed trees, power lines and other damage in Gloucester and Burlington counties. The damage led to scattered power outages and area airports were reporting delays due to the weather.

The National Weather Service has not yet officially confirmed a tornado touched down on Long Beach Island, however the video Bushko recorded could help to provide evidence.