TOKYO - (AP) - Japan's government is advising people within 20miles of a damaged nuclear plant to stay indoors. But a spokesmanadds that since supplies aren't being delivered to the area quicklyenough, those people may just want to leave and go to places withbetter facilities.

The government had already ordered people living within 12 milesof the plant to leave because of radiation leaks.

Officials say a suspected breach in a reactor could mean a moreserious contamination threat.

The uncertain situation has brought a stop to work at thenuclear complex. Dozens of workers had been trying to stop theoverheated plant from leaking dangerous radiation.

Japan's prime minister says the situation at the crippled plantremains "grave and serious."

In a televised address today Naoto Kan warned that "we are notin a position where we can be optimistic. We must treat everydevelopment with the utmost care."