BRICK - The delay of a beach replenishment project in Brick has caused part of the beach to be closed down for Memorial Day weekend.

Brick Township officials have fenced off a portion of the northern beach due to a 6-foot drop that formed. They are worried people who walk onto the beach would not see the drop and fall and injure themselves.

The drop formed when a steel wall was installed last year to protect the beach from storms like Superstorm Sandy. It was supposed to be covered by a 22-foot-high sand dune and wider beach, but the replenishment project became delayed.

The Army Corps of Engineers says the project is not expected to begin for at least six more months. This means the beach will need to be fenced off all summer long.

This is upsetting many of the town's residents, who say it may ruin the summer.

"Now we can't get our surfboards or kayaks over [the fence]. Nothing can go," says Carmine Dente.

However, others say the inconvenience will be worth it in the long run.

"A little inconvenience is not so bad," says Bruce Duran. "Homes on this beach block will be saved now because of this wall."

To prevent people from getting stuck below the drop during high tide, the township has installed escape ladders.  

The fencing will stay up until conditions at the beach are safe, according to officials.