NEW YORK - Some changes could be coming to the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan that should improve the way New Jersey commuters travel with New Jersey Transit.

Diannae Ehler, general manager of the Port Authority terminal, says a new plan being implemented in the fall will reconfigureĀ the bus gates, putting most of NJ Transit buses on one floor. It is expected to eliminate the congestion that is caused when different bus carriers try to work around each other in the same space,

"[Customers] should expect a more reliable trip, less cue lines and less crowding," Ehler says.

The consolidation is expected to work in conjunction with other plans put into place last year, such as adding traffic management crews, all in an effort to streamline the commute. New Jersey riders make up 60 percent of the 90,000 bus riders during the peak evening rush.

"Since we are at capacity, any small thing can interrupt the system," says Ehler, "It's trying to manager a bunch of fragile elements and keeping them all working."

The changes are expected to be implemented Sept. 8, the day after Labor Day.