MORRIS TOWNSHIP - A pig that made daring escape from a trailer on Route 80 just before Christmas is making a big move.

Volunteers are working together to get the pig, named Porky, to his new permanent home.

Porky was picked up on Dec. 23 when witnesses spotted him getting out of a truck that was likely headed for a slaughterhouse. Parsippany Animal Control was called in.

"He was going to be someone's Christmas ham," says Dr. Karen Dashfield. "And he decided he wanted to be a guest at Christmas dinner and not the main course.”

With the help of a number of other volunteers, the Morris County Parks Department has been housing him temporarily at Fosterfields Living Historical Park.

One of those volunteers offered to find him a home. Mike Stura worked with the group to place Porky at a Pennsylvania animal sanctuary.

Animal volunteers say Porky will be living high on the hog at his new home. "He's going to have the life of luxury," says Dashfield. "A big pen, and some sheds I understand. Some other pigs for companionship."

At least a 10-year retirement, volunteers say, without a worry of ever ending up on someone's plate.