TRENTON - One of New Jersey's top pork roll makers is being sued by a former employee who says she and her husband were fired due to her husband's flatulence problem.

According to a report in the Home News Tribune, Louann Clem says in the lawsuit that her husband Rich suffered serious consequences from gastric bypass surgery, including extreme gas and uncontrollable diarrhea.

The lawsuit alleges that Case Pork Roll Co. President Thomas Dolan complained about the side effects and told Rich Clem to work from home because the office smelled.

However, owner Tom Grieb says that neither of them were fired. He says business wasn't good and they didn't want to take a pay cut and walked out. He says that they were never the target of discrimination.

Louann Clem is seeking an unspecified amount in her lawsuit. The Home News Tribune says her attorney did not return calls for comment.

The Associated Press wire services contributed to this report.