AVON BY THE SEA - A popular Jersey Shore restaurant is gearing up for a comeback after it was destroyed during Hurricane Sandy.

The Avon Pavilion was a popular local eatery that operated out of a town-owned building. Owner Rob Fishman and other residents were taken aback when the town decided to terminate its lease with the restaurant last month.

The town cited concerns that the lease was illegal because, they believed, it exceeded a ten-year limit.

Avon Pavilion fan Mike Rispoli started a petition and quickly gained hundreds of signatures from others who wanted to see the restaurant rebuilt. Rispoli considers the restaurant an iconic landmark, and a vital part of rebuilding the shore.

Tonight, a new resolution with a new, shorter lease was passed. That means the popular waterfront restaurant will be back once the structure is rebuilt.

It's most likely rebuilding won't be complete until 2014, but Fishman says he's ready.

"We are fully prepared. My chef flew up from Florida and everybody is ready to roll," Fishman says.