ASBURY PARK - Two popular Asbury Park restaurants suddenly closed down this week, leaving many residents confused.

Employees who showed up for work at Fish Urban Dining and Cibo E Vino tell News 12 New Jersey they were told the restaurants were closed for good.

Locks have already been changed and equipment has been moved out. About 40 employees worked at the two restaurants.

Fish opened inside the old Asbury Park Press building on Mattison Avenue in 2010. Cibo opened in the building about three years later.

Asbury Park residents say the restaurants’ owners Jim and Karen DeGilio wouldn’t just pack up and move out.

“The restaurants are pretty good, they were very busy and I'm sad they just disappeared,” says resident Javier Laguna.

A gag order has been put into place regarding the closing of the two eateries.

The old Asbury Park Press building is owned by Sackman Enterprises. 

A representative for Sackman tells News 12 New Jersey that there are clients already interested in occupying the space left by the two restaurants. News 12 saw several people walk into the building carrying blueprints and speaking with Sackman officials.

The representative did not say if a new restaurant would be opening in the building.