POMPTON LAKES - The Ramapo, Pequannock and Wanaque rivers run through the borough of Pompton Lakes, making the area quite susceptible to flooding, even without a nor'easter or hurricane.

However, Mayor Kathy Cole says that she is using the lessons she learned during Superstorm Sandy to better prepare in anticipation of this weekend's expected heavy rains.

"Right now, going into it, I'm feeling OK," Cole says. "We'll see what the weekend brings."

The Pompton Lakes Department of Public Works has been hard at work fueling their equipment, clearing debris from drains, and overall preparing for the weather. DPW Director Ben Steltzer expects the full staff will work through the weekend.

"It's something that we've gotten accustomed to being here in Pompton Lakes, that's for sure," Steltzer says.

Since Sandy, Mayor Cole says an enormous amount of work has been done to clean the rivers of sandbars and trees.

"The rivers right now are low. We've done a lot of work in our rivers, as well as many of our neighboring communities, so hopefully we'll be able to handle several inches of rain before we have a problem," Cole says.

Cole also says that since the summer was dry and many of the reservoirs are only half full, she is hopeful flooding will be kept to a minimum.