EDISON - Pollen counts are sky-high this year following a harsh winter and rain-soaked spring. Allergist Dr. Jayesha Kanuga says he's seen twice as many patients this year as he usually does.

He says some of his patients have never had allergies before and others are already on medication, but it's not 100-percent effective. Kangua says that the counts are so high that "even some of our patients who are on allergy shots had breakout symptoms."

Experts say that a high pollen count is anything above 100, and this year they're seeing counts as high as 5,000.

Trying over-the-counter medications such as Allegra or Zyrtec may help allergy suffers. If symptoms persist, experts recommend seeing an allergist who can prescribe alternate medications or dispense allergy shots. Allergists can also help patients identify exactly what they are having allergic reactions to.