EDISON - A new poll finds most people in New Jersey are in favor of legalizing sports betting in the state and across the nation, while they are opposed to internet gambling.

The Fairleigh Dickinson University Public Mind poll finds that 53 percent of those surveyed believe people should be allowed to bet on sports such as football and basketball.

A majority also support allowing sports betting at Atlantic City casinos and state racetracks.

Most of those polled favor legalizing sports betting in all states, saying that people bet on games anyway, so the government should tax it.

Gov. Chris Christie has opposed the idea of legalizing sports betting, and hasn't yet decided whether to sign recent legislation that would legalize internet gambling.

The poll finds that 67 percent say they oppose allowing New Jersey casinos to run betting games over the Internet, even for people in New Jersey. Meanwhile just 26% say they favor it.

Fairleigh Dickinson University Public Mind Poll

AP wire services contributed to this report.