JERSEY CITY - A plane that took off from Newark Liberty International Airport made an emergency landing Tuesday afternoon when it arrived in Warsaw, prompting an outcry from Polish nationals about the airline.

New Jersey residents who hail from Poland say the latest scare from LOT, the Polish national airline, is more than just a cause for concern.

Mariusz Neidbal tells News 12 New Jersey that his aunt was on the plane that crash-landed and he had dropped her off last night at Newark Liberty International Airport.

Mariusz says his aunt was visiting for a month and was on her way home. Mariusz and his boss, Ziggy Rozalski, were working at Rozalski's autobody shop when the news came. They say it was a shock, but not a surprise.

Rozalski says the planes are old. He says when he went to Poland for a boxing match, he flew the exact same flight and plane to Newark. For the Polish nationals that work at the autobody shop, watching video of the LOT crash brought back memories of another LOT airlines flight on a Russian-made jet that crashed, killing everyone on board.

No one was injured on the flight that crash-landed today.