TOMS RIVER - New Jersey police officials are warning residents to be vigilant while using ATMs after several patrons were robbed at the Jersey Shore.

Two people were robbed at ATMs in Toms River within three days and a woman was robbed at gunpoint while using an ATM in Wall Township.

"It seems to be during the evening commute when people come off of work,” says Toms River Police Capt. Michael Belcher.

In order to stay protected, police suggest going inside the bank during business hours whenever possible.

However, if using a drive-up ATM is the only option, police also suggest driving around the building and parking lot to make sure no one suspicious is nearby. Customers should also try to use ATMs in well-lit areas.

"If anything appears to be out of the ordinary, stay in your car and give police a call to address the issues,” Capt. Belcher says.

No arrests have been made in the Toms River and Wall robberies. Police say the suspects were wearing masks.