NORTH BERGEN - Police swept a Hudson County high school for anything suspicious after a student found a threatening note.

Tensions are high at North Bergen High School after a student found the message, which was written on a desk and read, "On 6/6/14 there will be a shoot out."

"This is really startling for me, to hear this coming from my school," says senior Eric Cancel. "Tomorrow I'm scared to go to school."

North Bergen Superintendent George Solter says there isn't any substance to the threat, but they are treating it as credible.

Administrators followed emergency protocol when the note was discovered. That included calls to alert parents. Students were told to clean out their lockers, in preparation for a schoolwide search.  

Police officers will remain inside the school all night and there will be heavy security Friday as students arrive at school.

Solter says students will be screened before entering the school. "No one is allowed to bring a backpack or purse," he says. "Students will bring a notebook and teachers will do lessons that require just a notebook or discussions."

Students tell News 12 New Jersey that they are debating whether to come to school, but most say they don't believe the threat is serious.

North Bergen police recently held an active-shooter drill inside the high school, so they say they are prepared.  

Police and administrators say they are working together to determine who wrote the message.