MIDDLETOWN - Officials say a member of the Monmouth County Emergency Response Team shot and killed a man who was holding his 13-month-old son hostage.

The state Attorney General's Shooting Response Team is investigating what happened early Wednesday in the rented home on Bayside Parkway in the Ideal Beach section of Middletown Township

Officials say the child's mother called police late Tuesday night to say 39-year-old Scott McAllister was intoxicated, had beaten her and was threatening to harm their child with a knife.

Officials say McAllister was locked inside the home with the boy and refused to allow police to enter.

A negotiator tried unsuccessfully through the night to get McAllister to surrender and release the toddler.

The SWAT team forced its way in at 4:30 a.m. and a member fatally shot McAllister.

His son, who was near him, was not harmed.