HAMILTON - A family wants answers after a driver struck a young man in Hamilton and then took off, leaving him for dead. 

Ryan Hamilton, the 24-year-old victim of the Sunday morning hit-and-run, is expected to recover. But his family wants to know why three people involved in the incident would knowingly leave him lying in the street. 

"To go out there and think my brother almost died where we grew up...gives me chills," says the victim's older sister, Kaitlin. 

Hamilton police say the car struck Ryan Hamilton at around 2:30 a.m. near the intersection of Sylvan Avenue and Perilli Drive. He was dragged down the street, which ironically stopped right in front of his family home.

Kaitlin Hamilton says her brother was bleeding profusely. "Luckily we have neighbors who came out and helped. He can thank them for being alive."

Police say the crime was captured on a neighbor's surveillance camera. A woman and two men can be seen getting out of the car and looking at Hamilton on the ground, before getting back in the car and driving off.

Kaitlin, her parents, and three other brothers are hopeful the video will lead to arrests.  

Hamilton is expected to recover. An organization called Hometown Heroes is helping to raise money for medical expenses.

"The main mission is to help people in crisis," says Mike Schwartz, of Hometown Heroes. "Ryan will be laid up in the hospital quite a long time."

Hamilton is out of intensive care and is expected home in a few weeks.

Police have not yet released the security video, but say they are looking for a mid-sized four-door sedan with likely front end damage.