GLEN RIDGE - New Jersey Transit police are looking to identify three people who were allegedly seen in a wooded area between train stations with what appeared to be a rifle and camera equipment.

Authorities say the incident happened around 3 p.m. on Aug. 8. They say a train engineer saw the three people in the area between the Glen Ridge Train station and Bay Street Station in Montclair. One of the men was wearing camouflage military fatigues and carrying what appeared to be a rifle or replica weapon. Another was carrying what appeared to be a professional-looking video camera, according to police.

Police believe the three people left the area in a black SUV traveling toward Bloomfield on Bloomfield Avenue.

NJ Transit police say that the people involved may not have had nefarious intentions, but may have been filming a movie without being aware that they were trespassing.

Officials want the three people to come forward and identify themselves. They say there will be no criminal charges filed once police confirm if they were in fact filming a video.

Anyone who might recognize the people or who may have information about the incident is asked to call NJ Transit police at 973-491-8862 or call Glen Ridge police at 973-748-5400 ext. 120.