LAKEWOOD - In a press conference this afternoon, authorities named a suspect in the killing of a Lakewood police officer early Friday night.

Police say 19-year-old Jahmell W. Crockam shot and killed Patrolman Christopher Matlosz Friday night while the officer was having what they describe as a non-confrontational conversation with Crockam during a traffic stop at August Boulevard near Joe Parker Boulevard.

Investigators say that Crockam is known on the street as "Savage" or "Sav" and is believed to have gang ties.

Crockam has been charged with murder of a police officer and illegal possession of a firearm.

He has been sought by police due to a warrant for his arrest in connection with alleged possession of hollow-point bullets but there is no word if that was the type of ammunition used in the murder.

A reward has been offered by the State Policeman's Benevolent Association, which now stands at $117,000 for the arrest and conviction of Crockam.

Police have already visited a number of locations which Crockam may have been, employing SWAT teams to clear the area in search of him.

Authorities are warning residents that Crockam is considered armed and extremely dangerous.

Anyone with information as to the whereabouts of Crockam is asked to call 911.