TRENTON - Police in Trenton are searching for a man accused of kidnapping a 15-year-old girl and holding her captive for four days.

Authorities say the girl was walking home Thursday from the Shell Minimart at Greenwood Avenue and Chambers Street when the suspect, Marquis Smith, followed her in his car and jumped out. He reportedly chased her down the street and choked her until she was left unconscious.

She says she woke up in an attic, and was kept prisoner through the weekend. She says she was kicked and punched repeatedly, burned with cigarettes and given little to eat and drink.

Police say the suspect left the house last Monday, and the girl climbed out a window.

Police say the suspect is the girl's ex-boyfriend, and that she already had a restraining order against him before the incident.

Police: Teenage girl abducted by ex-boyfriend in Trenton