LODI - Police are on the hunt for an ATM "skimmer" believed to have used a device to steal an unknown number of account numbers and PINs from debit cards.

Photos taken by surveillance cameras show the man installing skimmers that record personal information when customers insert their cards into ATMs.

"The devices they're making now are becoming smaller and smaller, very sophisticated, and hard to detect sometimes," says Lodi Police Capt. John Scimeca. "But they are detectable."

Police say the suspect uses the account and security numbers to create his own debit cards and then drains the accounts. They say he has stolen thousands of dollars from unsuspecting bank customers in Clifton, Lodi and Montville.

Thieves can also use personal information gathered from the devices to take out loans or steal identities.

Authorities say customers should examine ATMs carefully and alert the bank if anything seems suspicious.