GILGO BEACH, NY - Police confirmed today that the remains that were discovered at Gilgo Beach yesterday are human.

Investigators say the skeletal remains were found last night in what could be the fifth victim of a possible serial killer on Long Island.

Homeowners near Gilgo Beach say it scares them that the person responsible for the killings may be someone who lives nearby. They're also concerned that there may be more victims.

The searching began back in December when police were looking for 24-year-old Shannan Gilbert, a prostitute from Jersey City who went missing back in May and was last seen at Oak Beach in the company of her client, Joe Brewster.

Brewster has not been charged, but he has been questioned by police and turned over his car to them in December.

Instead of finding Gilbert, investigators found the bodies of four other Craigslist escorts, all women in their 20s who went to Long Island to meet their clients.

Yesterday?s discovery was made about a mile east of the site where the other bodies were found. Police say it?s too early to tell if the five victims are connected.

Police Commissioner Richard Dormer says that it could take several months for the county medical examiner to identify the remains.

Investigators say they will continue searching the area Monday.