ELIZABETH - Police raided an apartment and a fried chicken restaurant Monday owned by the parents of the man suspected in the weekend bombings of Seaside Park and New York City.

The FBI removed boxes of evidence from First American Fried Chicken, a family-owned eatery in Elizabeth.

Police arrested the suspect, Ahmad Khan Rahami, after he allegedly exchanged fire with officers in Linden Monday morning.

Authorities identified two officers hit in the shootout as Angel Padilla, who was shot in the midsection, and Peter Hammer, who was grazed in the head by either a bullet or window glass. They have been officers for 14 and 12 years, respectively.

A third officer, Mark Kahana, who has been on the force since 1997, also received medical attention for increased blood pressure.

A neighbor recorded video Sunday night of police questioning Rahami's brother, father and an unidentified woman and child. They were not charged in connection with the explosives.

Several family members including Mohammed Rahami, the suspect's father, arrived just before authorities began seizing evidence.

Sen. Bob Menendez said it remains to be seen whether the attack was self-inspired or coordinated with others.

"Anyone that takes a bomb and ultimately puts it in a public place, I don't think it takes rocket science to understand you were looking to do harm to others for whatever your purpose," Menendez says. "To me, that's an essence of terrorism."

The other bomb exploded in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan. Police also say they found explosive devices in the trash near the Elizabeth train station early Monday morning, but it was not immediately clear if the cases were linked.