EDISON - The Pennsville native charged in the fatal shooting at Los Angeles International Airport told investigators that he acted alone.

That piece of information helped authorities lock down the scene inside the airport on Friday.

Paul Ciancia, an unemployed motorcycle mechanic who recently moved to Los Angeles from New Jersey, also told police a friend had dropped him at LAX just moments before he shot and killed a Transportation Security Administration officer at point-blank range and wounded three other people, including two more TSA workers.

Authorities say they believe Ciancia purchased that AR-15 legally from a gun store in Los Angeles. They say he was in possession of five magazines with 30 rounds each. He also had several hundred bullets still in boxes in his duffel bag.

TSA agents working inside the terminals are not armed.

Ciancia is under 24-hour armed guard at a Los Angeles Hospital. Authorities say he remains in critical condition with four gunshot wounds. One of those gunshots went through his mouth and blew out a molar tooth out of his jaw.