NEWARK - Police say they believe that a South Brunswick corrections officer and mother of three was romantically involved with the ex-convict who killed her during a Fourth of July barbecue.

Authorities say they're still attempting to sort out of it was an argument or a love triangle that lead to the death of 37-year-old Katrina Owens. Prosecutors say Owens was fatally shot shortly after midnight by her alleged lover, 21-year-old Allen Barron, in East Orange.

Officials say that Owens was attempting to get her car back from Barron. According to the assistant prosecutor, Barron returned the vehicle, but there was an argument at the scene, which led to the shooting.

According to police, Barron escaped in Owens' truck and was spotted at a Greyhound Bus Terminal in Richmond, Virginia Tuesday morning. They say he aimed a weapon at a U.S. Marshal after he had been seen and then fatally shot himself.