PASSAIC - A man was arrested over the weekend for throwing firecrackers at a temple in Passaic, police say.

The incident occurred at around 8 p.m. Saturday at the Ahavas Israel Synagogue. Police say Rizek Musheisen, 21, exited his car, lit a pack of firecrackers and threw it in front of the temple.

Police say they were told by witnesses that Musheisen yelled "Allahu akbar," which roughly translates from Arabic to "God is great." The witnesses also told police that they saw a black Nissan drive away from the scene.

Officers found the Nissan a few blocks away and arrested Musheisen. They say that three other people inside were questioned, but not arrested. More fireworks were allegedly found inside the Nissan.

Members of the temple say they feel like they were targeted.

Musheisen is being charged with bias intimidation, possession of fireworks, harassment and criminal mischief.