IRVINGTON - According to police, people shopping for bargains on Craigslist are ending up as victims instead.

Officials say that a man is robbing people in Irvington who respond to Craigslist ads for a Honda Civic. They say the suspect is brazen and he'll pull a gun on people in the street in broad daylight.

Police say the man is responsible for at least two armed robbery attempts in Irvington, both of which took place on Orange Place, a quiet dead-end street. The first attempt was on May 7 and the second was on May 19.

Police got a break when a resident took a picture of one of the robberies as it happened, clearly showing the gun and the suspect's face. They got another break as a surveillance camera on a nearby house also caught one of the robberies. On May 7, the victims got away. On May 19, two Brooklyn men came looking for the Honda Civic and were robbed of $100 and a phone

Anyone with information should call Irvington police at 973-399-6549.