NEWARK - Police have arrested a second suspect in connection to the brutal beating of a 15-year-old Newark boy.

Newark officials say the 17-year-old suspect is charged with robbery, aggravated assault and conspiracy.

Authorities say they also placed a teen who they believe was the leader of the attack into custody yesterday. He's been charged with robbery, aggravated assault and conspiracy.

The two teen suspects were taken to the detention center last night, but they have already been released to their families. The victim's injuries are not life-threatening, so it appears unlikely that their cases would be waived to adult court. Several other teens have been suspended in connection to the apparent attack, according to Newark school officials.

The surveillance video seen first on News 12 New Jersey shows the 15-year-old Barringer High School student apparently being attacked by a large group of kids.

District officials say off-campus attacks on students are becoming a dismissal-time problem. The director of security for Newark Public Schools says the district is working with city police to increase security around the school.

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