JERSEY CITY - Police in Jersey City are investigating a rash of holdups over the weekend after seven people were robbed at gunpoint.

Three separate strings of armed street robberies may be the work of the same duo, police say.  

At approximately 4 a.m. Sunday, three men and a teenager were approached by armed men near the corner of Christopher Columbus Drive and Warren Street on Jersey City's affluent waterfront.  

"It's really scary because I do feel safe here," says Dori Gray. "I feel safe coming home at all hours normally. This affects that." 

A short time later, police think the same two men robbed a man near Fairview and Bergen avenues. In both incidents, police say the suspects fled in a van. Officers found the van used by the suspects abandoned at the Marion Gardens housing complex.

Police also say around 3:30 Sunday morning, two teens were robbed at gunpoint while walking along Terrace Road.  They are not yet sure if it's connected to the other two incidents. Regardless, residents of the neighborhoods where the crimes occurred want to see more police patrols. 

"There is no police force out ever," says Gray. "And with the population growing, we should expect to see a little more protection."

Police have not said what was taken from the victims, but no one was hurt. Authorities are asking anyone with information on the robberies to call Jersey City police.