ENGLEWOOD - Authorities say the "James Bond Gang" is back, targeting high-end homes in wealthy neighborhoods.

The so-called "James Bond Robbers" were first named years ago when the crooks used a BMW with secret compartments during a robbery. Police say this time around, there isn't a high-tech car, but there is a similar mode of operation.

Authorities say the group is mostly from Englewood and Teaneck and dates back to the 1980s. Different people have been involved throughout the years, but committing the same type of crime. Police say in most cases, the crooks ring a doorbell. When they are sure no one is home, they break in through the front door.

Lt. Tim Torell, of the Englewood Police Department, told News 12 New Jersey that those involved are "going for high-end residents from Cape May to northern New Jersey and beyond."

Police say the suspects use luxury cars or work vans to blend in with their upscale targets.