PATERSON - Gates from several homes on the same Paterson block have been stolen, leaving homeowners scratching their heads at the bizarre crime.

Krystal Nieves says the fence around her home on Rossiter Avenue made it safe for her Beagle, "Max," to run around.

On Friday, she noticed the gate was missing. Krystal's brother Miguel Nieves was angry about the theft. "We come home and this is what we find. We find our property is gone," he says.

Five gates were swiped from four different homes on the street since Friday.

Ali Erikenoglu lives next door to the Nieves family. "I'm a little nostalgic," he says. "I had the gate for about 22 years; I do miss it." His gate was stolen somewhere between 8 a.m. and noon on Saturday.

"I thought it was a prank. I never thought someone would intentionally steal it for scrap." Erikenoglu believes the metal is only worth a few dollars at a scrap yard.

Paterson police are asking anyone with information about the stolen gates to give them a call.