HOBOKEN - A possible hoax lead to the evacuation and search of a large commercial building in Hoboken Sunday.

Officials say a caller claimed to have a gun and a bomb at 66 Willow Ave., prompting a multi-emergency response that lasted for several hours.

Police evacuated the Neumann Leathers building, now home to art studios and galleries.

They set up a safe zone, shutting down 12-square blocks, while officials searched for the caller who claimed to have the gun and bomb.

"He was very generic in the beginning about the fact that he was just going to blow the building up, kill himself, kill people in general," said Lt. Gino Jacobelli, of the Hoboken Police Department. "But then he was a little more specific that he was looking to kill cops in general."

Six police agencies, including at least 70 officers, responded to the incident, but the eight-hour search turned up nothing.

Authorities are investigating to see if the incident was a hoax.

Since last month, there have been more than six incidents of so-called swatting
in New Jersey.  The incidents included a fake hostage situation in Cliffside Park, a false report of an armed intruder at a school in Holmdel and phony reports of hostages being shot inside a video game store in Clifton.