HOBOKEN - Police officers in Hoboken and New York City are searching for a man they say sexually assaulted the same woman twice in a two-week period.

Hoboken Police Chief Ken Ferrante says that Jeffrey Mahon, 59, has been arrested 14 times in Hoboken for a variety of crimes, including sexual assault and arson.

“We know he was in Hoboken last week,” says Ferrante. “He’s a violent individual. We've had dealings with where he's aggressive toward police officers. To a civilian on the street, he's even more dangerous."

The NYPD says that Mahon groped a 23-year-old woman earlier this month near the intersection of 65th Street and Broadway. They say that he then tried to touch the same woman again on May 15 on Eighth Avenue in midtown. She was able to escape in her car.

The victim did not know Mahon, police say.

According to Chief Ferrante, when Mahon previously registered as a sex offender he gave his address as 300 Bloomfield St. in Hoboken. This is the address for a Lutheran church that doubles as a homeless shelter.

Management at the shelter tells News 12 New Jersey that they have been cooperating with police but stressed they don't allow sex offenders to stay.

Police are concentrating their search on Pier A Park and the area around Papaya Dog on Newark Street in Hoboken. Both locations are places that Mahon is known to hang around.

Anyone who may know where Mahon is located is asked to contact Hoboken police at 201-420-2100 or dial 911.