PARAMUS - A New Jersey pet store owner facing over 200 animal cruelty charges may be facing more trouble after a van registered in his name was found with 50 puppies inside.

Vincent LoSacco, owner of Just Pups, faces 267 animal cruelty charges in connection to puppies found in poor health at his East Brunswick store.

Paramus police were patrolling Monday morning when they heard crying and whining coming from a van parked in the lot of the Paramus Just Pups. The officers found the door was unlocked and found 50 small dogs and puppies inside small metal crates.

Police say that some of the crates did not have food or water and that the temperature inside the van was 38 degrees. The van is registered to LoSacco, according to police.

LoSacco tells News 12 New Jersey that the van is used to ship puppies and arrived in Paramus sometime Sunday so that a veterinarian could examine them.  LoSacco also says that the heat inside the van works even when it is not running.  He believes when police opened the door, cold air got in and caused the low temperatures.  

LoSacco says he's reviewing whether the van driver followed protocol.

Most of the animals were sent to the Oradell Animal Hospital. About 15 of the dogs needed to receive further medical treatment.

The Just Pups in Paramus was shut down pending an investigation by the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office. Workers are allowed to check on the dogs in the store, but it is closed to customers until at least Wednesday.